Literature is a cultural activity that engages people in creative and intellectual pursuits. It is one of the most important and influential aspects of human civilization. But we live in an age where we are constantly assaulted by information, and we must find ways to filter what we consume.

Transitioning to from being a Good Reader to an Exceptional Writer

One way of doing this is through reading and writing. Reading constantly can help in boosting vocabulary. At the same time, this can help as well if you have plans of becoming a writer.

What it takes?

The best writers read religiously. They make an effort to understand the difference between a well-written sentence and a poorly written one.

This enables them to quickly recognize how to build tension in their stories, and they see how certain words affect the meaning of sentences.

Reading helps them develop these abilities. It’s no wonder that so many famous authors credit their success to being avid readers from an early age…