Gturov Skaya

While blogs are often used to share content, it can be difficult for readers to get through an entire blog. This is because the average length of a blog post is 1,500 words—roughly the length of a book chapter. Readers are more likely to engage with shorter posts that include images and videos.

Making Your Blogs Reader-Friendly

Write short blurbs about your topic that include pictures and other pertinent information. Instead of creating long-form content, you should write smaller pieces that encourage readers to share on social media or come back for more.

This will also allow you to update your blog more frequently while still providing engaging information for readers

How to Format Your Content?

Make sure your blog is easy to read. Fonts should be easy on the eye, and you should include plenty of white space between paragraphs to make it easier for people to read. You should also add in a few images here and there so that it looks more interesting, but too many will decrease the scanability of your post.