Technology is helping us read more books online now than ever before. E-books are one of the biggest growing markets in the publishing industry, with sales increasing by 15% every year. Over eBooks are downloaded each month, and that number keeps increasing.

How Big is eBooks Market?

Whether you believe it or not, there are over a million eBooks being downloaded, purchased and uploaded all throughout the internet. This is in an effort to meet the growing demand and supply of readers worldwide.

So don’t feel surprised if you see a ton of online bookstore platforms that sell genre of different books.

Quick Tip to Find Bookstores Online

The desire to read more books online has created an entire industry of services designed to help readers find new books and keep track of what they’ve already read. One simple way of finding bookstores online is by doing a quick Google search for reputable bookstore search engines. When you find one, check out reviews about the site and read what people tell about them.