Fan fiction is a form of fan-made content where authors create stories about characters or settings that already exist. Fan fiction can be found on any topic imaginable, with the most popular being Harry Potter, Star Wars, and The Walking Dead. Fan fiction even has its own category on Amazon.

Where does Fan Fiction Revolves?

This content can be about anything and the author’s imagination has no limits.

Fan fiction stories can extend source material to new levels while others provide an alternate perspective for established universes.

Read Online but Do it Carefully

Nowadays, there are many fanfiction stories that you can find over the internet. The best part, many of these stories are available for free. Thus, you can read as many stories as you can in one sitting. However, be careful enough when reading online. Some websites may be asking your information first before letting you read the story for free; unknowingly, such actions makes you vulnerable to data phishing.