Ebooks are very popular these days, but traditionally published ebooks are not. There are hundreds of books on Amazon over the past few years, and most of them are self-published. The reason is that self-publishing takes away the baggage of traditional publishing companies.

To Publish by Yourself or to Work with Book Publishers?

Traditional publishers don’t have much to offer writers anymore. They charge high fees for editing, cover design, formatting and marketing—but they rarely help to sell any books at all.

This raises the question: are ebooks simply the next wave in book publishing, or are they just another fad? We have all seen the rise of eBooks with Amazon’s Kindle being the most popular reader on the market, but how does it compare to traditional books?

Hardbound Books vs. eBooks

Many good reasons come for reading such books. For instance, books can be more personal and feel more like an experience than reading on a screen. On the other hand, you can carry thousands of books anywhere without feeling weighed down by them.