Fan fiction is a term used to describe stories written by fans of a particular television show, movie, or book that feature the characters and settings from those sources. The fanfic genre has been around for decades, but it gained massive popularity through the rise of online fandom.

What exactly is Fan Fiction?

Fanfiction is an online form of writing that involves taking characters, settings, or other elements from a book series, movie series, video game series, etc. and writing stories about them.

Almost every fandom has fan fiction and there are plenty of examples on the web.

Where to Read Fan Fiction Stories?

On the internet, fan fiction is often posted as fanfiction stories on different websites similar to FictionPress and Wattpad. These sites allow users to read content that is free of charge, but they also allow users to post their own work in order to share with others who are interested in reading stories about their favorite shows or books. Fanfiction