Benefits Of Computador Completo And Computer Literacy

Evidently, the time we are living in now is very high-tech and where technology is rapidly improving and new technologies are always being innovated. As technology is everywhere and where almost everything is digitalized, nearly everyone in the 21st century rely on computers to carry out day-to-day tasks and activities.

Benefits of Computador Completo

There is a steady increase in computer ownership since most people and industries rely on it for numerous undertakings. As it has become a necessary and valuable multiuse tool, computers are definitely here to stay and will be used and needed for many more years to come.

If you are in the marketplace for a computador completo, consider getting a desktop computer such as those offered by Although laptops remain to be a popular choice for many, particularly for users who require portability, you get more advantages with a desktop computer than a laptop. Among these advantages includes:

  • POWER. Desktops, according to research, are equipped with more superior processors and have greater overall speed than laptops. In addition, desktop computers have more favorable specs which allows them to run and work smoother and faster.
  • DURABILITY. Because desktop computers are bigger in size and less difficult to cool, the risk of computer components getting thermal damage is nominal which means the components lasts longer. Moreover, solid-state drives are more lasting than the usual hard disk drives with spinning platter. Fewer parts that move/spin would mean considerably lessened chance for mechanical failure to happen.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE, UPGRADES AND REPAIRS. Desktop computer parts can be bought individually allowing users to customize their computer. Certain parts can also be upgraded for even more power and performance or repaired for its lifespan to increase. On the other hand, a laptop usually need to be replaced as a whole more often for better performance, which is costlier.

Computer Literacy- What Is It?

Computers, they are everywhere. Because many rely on computers for diverse reasons, they have become a must-have, playing an extremely vital role in. There is no doubt that computers are here to stay, therefore making computer literacy important.

Computer literacy entails having general knowledge and familiarity of computers, its hardware and its software, as well as how they function and do their work. It is the ability to navigate, operate and use basic computer programs and applications and to access data or information. Since computers are advanced, computer literacy also involves more technical skills and cognitive skills, such as being able to understand visual symbols and texts and to navigate the operating system by using menus.

You create a foundation with the knowledge and understanding that you have of computers and computer-related technologies, making it easier and simpler to learn concepts, programs and applications that are more advanced. Moreover, being computer literate provides you more advantage over others who aren’t.  For instance, most companies today make use of computers and have their own software as well as platform applications. So, when hiring employees, computer literacy is usually included in job qualifications.