Must-Read Classical Literary Books

The word “classical literature” means a written project of ancient Greeks, Romans, and other ancient civilizations.

While approaching such large and oftentimes hefty books can be scary, reading classical literature provides access to the innermost ideas of some of history’s greatest minds as well as the examination of ancient civilizations.

List of Classical Literature Books

If you’re seeking to dive into the world of ancient texts but aren’t sure where to begin, here are a few novels we recommend.

1. Elegies of Chu

Elegies of Chu, one of only two surviving compilations of ancient Chinese poems, is a must-read for poetry and classical aficionados alike. The elegies are an important part of the Chinese poetry tradition.

2.  Estate Management and Symposium 

A new edition of two of Xenophon’s most famous books, Estate Management and Symposium, is available. Socrates and the Oeconomicus discuss howl to successfully manage one’s ‘oikos,’ or estate, according to the Oeconomicus. The scene switches to the men’s quarters of the house, where the Symposium describes an evening of discussion and amusement at the home of an Athenian oligarch.

3. Antigone and Others Tragedies

Antigone and Other Tragedies is a collection of three of Sophocles’ most famous tragedies: Antigone, Deianeira, and Electra, which all feature a strong female protagonist. These three tragedies depict the apex of human pain and emotion, transforming heroic stories into great literary works and dramatic action, each with its own verse translations.