The Advantages of Reading Traditional Books

The importance of reading great books overall, whereas I’d like to concentrate on the advantages of studying great novels in specific. Even enthusiastic learners, often avoid difficult novels. It can be a component of the perfectionist tendencies mentality amongst gifted students. We believe that if a novel is difficult to read, we are poor readers.


Quality Literature

Quality literature frequently provides thought-provoking socio-ethical dilemmas, resulting in character development. It is not just important to become a great reader; it is also important to become a decent person. This is not a fabrication. Read the study that discovered that individuals who read classical are just good individuals.

The Masterpiece

If you’ve never read the masterpieces, you won’t be able to comprehend allusions to them in other literature. This is known as an “allusion,” and then if you miss or just don’t comprehend these, you may feel stupid. This reduces levels of dopamine, leading you to believe you dislike the novel you’re perusing.

It is Long-lasting

The literature that confronts us is the one we remember. When I was younger, I read George Eliot’s Middlemarch. Later, I discovered that Goodreads lists it as a “most challenging novel,” and it is the literature that changed my perspective on life.