10 Top Picks of Books for Gamers

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What are the best books about gaming and games? Of course, there are different types of games, including video games on the computer, such as League of Legends where you can rank better with the help of a roll deputy team, and console… and some more offline-like games. Read on for the best recommendations.

The subtitle of this 2015 book by Blake Harris is Sega, Nintendo, and the Battle That Defined a Generation. Find out how underdog Sega took on a big, established name like Nintendo, which had a virtual monopoly on the games industry around the year 1990. Discover how Tom Kalinske, a man who knew nothing about video games, but everything about effective and unconventional marketing, took on Nintendo in a battle of biblical proportions.

Ultimate History of Video Games: From Pong to Pokémon and Beyond – all highlights

This book from 2001 is already a classic in its own right. Author Steven Kent is an American writer and video games, enthusiast. This book tells you everything you’ve ever wanted about all the biggest and most successful video games that have left their mark on the world.

The Game Console: A History in Photographs – a unique perspective

This unique work from 2018 offers you a hitherto unprecedented perspective on gaming: it does not cover the games, but the consoles, and on the basis of photos. No less than 86 consoles are reviewed. It makes you spontaneously nostalgic. See the evolution from the simplest gaming devices to the modern giants such as the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One.

Escape book – a real brain teaser

Almost everyone is now familiar with Escape rooms: there are now hundreds of them in the Netherlands. But have you ever heard of an escape book? No? Now it does. It works the same way, although you can easily bring the book to you instead of having to go somewhere special. Moreover, you can put it away if you are tired of it. The escape book is available in several variants and was brought into life by Ivan Tapia, a designer of riddles and the founder of Cocolisto, which publishes intelligent games. He studied drama and is the creator and director of the popular escape show.

Superpowers for your head: Mindgym for Kids – educational and a lot of fun

The author of this book is Wouter de Jong, a professional trainer, consultant, and speaker. He graduated in Dutch law and also studied at the drama school in Amsterdam. He is known for, among other things, Good Times Bad Times, and Villa Achterwerk. With the help of this book, children can improve their thought processes with the help of simple practice. A performance of Mindgym is also available for adults.


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Mindf*ck Next Level – illusionist gives you a glimpse of what’s going on

This book, based on the popular television program of the Dutch illusionist Victor Middelkoop (or Victor Mids), offers you a glimpse into no less than 102 illusions and experiments. Together with Oscar Verpoort he comes up with a book with which you can master the nicest, most interesting, most amazing tricks yourself. You’ll learn all about how your brain and your senses work and how to fool them. In short: a brain teaser.

Minecraft: All about… – Tips and explanations about the popular online game Minecraft

In this series, Craig Kelly, a well-known in the publishing world, explains in a structured and simple way about different facets of the game Minecraft. Have you always wanted to play the game or is your creation unable to master different game elements? Then this is the ideal series for you. Minecraft: All about… has among the performances Redstone, Survival, Explore, Minigames, Enchantments, Oceans, and Nether & the End.

Game Over, Pete Watson – absurdity at its best

This book by Joe Schreiber from 2015 takes absurdity to the next level. This hilarious novel is about the protagonist Pete Watson, who is addicted to playing online games. He gets caught up in a great adventure when he sells a game console that turns out to contain secret information from the government, which his father (a spy) has put on it. He has to take on villains, cyber-attacks and mechanical bugs, and everything video game style.

Super Mario Encyclopedia – nostalgia in great form

Speaking of nostalgia, what could be more iconic and memorable than Mario? This cheerful plumber with a mustache and dungarees has been around for many years. This book (in English) from 2018 offers you all the highlights from the history of Mario games. In addition, it contains all the game elements, characters, and other applications that you have ever encountered in a Mario game.

Ninja Gaming Guide – the strategy guide for playing games

This book from 2020 is written by one of the most prominent Fortnite players worldwide. He devotes this book in its entirety to means by which you can outdo your fellow players. Bad at gaming? Ninja shows you how to do it. In no time you will achieve results.