Authentic Traditional Poetry as a Literary Material in ESL/EFL Classroom

Literature should be taught because it uses a powerful language and contains the skills needed for languange learnings.

Accordingly, integrating authentic traditional poetry as a literature material on students or learners of English as the second Language (ESL) or English as the foreign language (EFL) is a great tool for exploration and application on real-life experience. ESL or EFL learners/students employ many modes of materials like books, articles, journal, etc. to practice and learn naturally on their own or learn it from formal classroom activities.


Benefits of Authentic Traditional Poetry as a Teaching Approach


Although, modern poetry is in the writing industry nowadays, we must not have to leave the conventional ones behind as they entail numbers of benefits.

Utilization of conventional poetry and poetic devices as a functional sources of literature for teaching a ESL and EFL classroom can help stimulate, engage and motivate students’ cognitive, linguistic and cultural skills. Moreover, EFL/ESL students may appreciate the distinctiveness, complexity, and vibrancy of poetry as authentic texts disclose the true nature of the language, present possibilities for informal learning. And, finally, inspire readers to study as these conventional texts are not yet simplified and altered and will not deprive the ESL and EFL learners to the opportunity of practicing and acquiring real-life experience of the language.