How to Make Effective Roofing Promotional Materials

What does your roofing company’s promotional material say about your roofing company
Do they force the customer to call for complimentary consultation or do they let them throw the materials away? 
Make your roofing flyers, brochures, and other ancillary marketing materials more successful by using these suggestions.

1. Establish a style manual.

If you’d like to design your own promotional materials, such as roofing business cards, develop a recognizable style to help homeowners recognize your company. This is crucial if there is a lot of roofing competitors in your neighborhood. To employ consistently throughout all of your marketing pieces, pick typefaces, logos, and color palettes.

2. Pay attention to the issues facing homeowners.

The primary focus of roofing leaflets, brochures, etc. should not be what your company does (i.e., roof installation). Instead, concentrate on alleviating a homeowner’s problem. Marketing materials that are effective will demonstrate to the customer how your roofing company will:

Avoid future repairs and leaks
Keep their money.
safeguard their assets
Boost the worth of their house

3. Make the content simple to read for potential customers and clients.

Consider the last time you read a piece of marketing that was crammed with small text and lengthy block paragraphs. It probably went directly in the garbage! When creating roofing promotional materials, make sure they are simple to understand. Use headlines and subheadings, for instance, to draw attention to crucial issues.

larger typefaces
ample white space
concise paragraphs
Bulleted lists
lists with numbers

4. When creating roofing flyers, use high-quality images.
Free photographs from photo websites may appear to be a good deal, but let’s face it: they frequently look like free images. Use high-quality photographs that you’ve taken yourself instead, collaborate with a professional photographer to create unique shots, or buy stock roofing images that are of a professional standard.

5. Ask a colleague to go through your promotional materials.

Mistakes do occur. Never print or transmit a piece of marketing content without having at least one other team member check it for consistency, clarity, and grammar.

6. Invest in expert writing and/or design assistance if necessary.

Just as not everyone is skilled at writing or creating, not everyone is good at roofing. Invest in a specialist if writing or design work aren’t your strong suits or if producing marketing materials would divert too much time from more important responsibilities.