Flexible Packaging Literature Books: Tips & Tricks

You can wrap literature books by providing them with a beautiful cover. Flexible packaging not only replaces gift wrapping but also protects the book in everyday life. Bent corners or other signs of wear, stains and dirt are a thing of the past.

Flexible packaging: Make nice envelopes to wrap the books

If you want to wrap books and give them a personal touch, simply do the wrapping yourself.Flexible packaging

A very nice and sustainable idea is a self-knitted or self-crocheted book cover. To do this, use one or more colours of your choice made from robust cotton yarn.

Crochet or knit the cover so that you can easily insert the book and fold it over and sew the edges of the pages.

Feel free to use simple crochet stitches for this, such as with potholders, or right and left knit stitches. This keeps the cover stable for a long time and can be used again and again for books.

A tie made of crocheted chain stitches is suitable for closing the envelope.  You can tie it around the gift as a nice bow.

Instead of crochet or knitted cover, you can also sew a book cover. Choose plain or printed fabric made from natural fibres or discarded bed sheets and sew them to the right size.

Instead of new fabric, you can also use scraps of fabric to craft from a book cover. For example, sew the leftovers together so that you can use them to cover the book later.

Alternatively, you can also make a paper envelope and glue it with scraps of fabric or wool.

You can also use sturdy paper as a book cover yourself. Either you use it in one colour, with motifs or paint pictures on it yourself.

Flexible packaging: Wrap literature books as gifts

Instead of reusable book covers, you can also wrap books as gifts.

The easiest way to do this is with wrapping paper. You can label the gift packaging with wishes, decorate it with stickers or tie a nice bow around it.

Instead of the normal gift wrapping, you can also wrap the book like candy.

When you wrap literature books nicely, a bookmark complements your gift.