Works of Jose Rizal: Required Reading Among Filipino Students

Jose Rizal is a Philippine national hero and one of the most important figures in Philippine history. He wrote two novels and various essays about his view of the Philippines. In 1882, he wrote the first Filipino novel entitled “Noli Me Tangere.” It was first published in Berlin Germany in 1887. The novel was based on the harsh realities of Spanish colonial rule in the Philippines, and it has been called a “social protest.” In 1896 Rizal wrote “El Filibusterismo,” which was later called a “nationalistic manifesto.” This novel was about the struggle of the Filipinos for their independence from Spain. Read a summary of Noli Me Tangere Chapters 1-10 here – Noli me tangere buod kabanata 1-10.

The Works of Jose Rizal: Required Reading Among Filipino Students

  • “Jose Rizal’s novels can be used to understand what it was like in 19th century Philippines.”
  • “Rizal’s novels are written in the context of his time, and to fully realize the impact of these novels, one must be aware of the historical events happening at that time.”
  • “Most scholars agree that he was the first Filipino writer who was able to employ Western-style techniques, which made him a precursor of modern Philippine literature”

Jose Rizal is a national hero in the Philippines. He is also considered the country’s most prolific writer. His works are required reading for Filipino students and have been translated into many languages. The following are reasons why the works of Jose Rizal should be read by Filipino students:

The writings of Jose Rizal are a reflection of his love for his country and his people. His writings show how much he loved freedom, democracy, and justice. His novels, Noli and El Fili show that he was not only a patriot but also a humanist who cared deeply about others.

Jose Rizal’s writings show how much he loved his country, despite all the turmoil around him. His writings also show that despite what happened to him, he didn’t give up on his country and he was always fighting for it.

“The Philippines is an ancient nation.” Jose Rizal believed that the Philippines was a different place than other countries. He saw the pride and dignity of the people who lived in his native land, even though they were struggling under Spanish rule. Jose Rizal loved and respected his fellow country.

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Filipino students, through the work of Jose Rizal, get to understand the value of nationalism and patriotism. Jose Rizal’s writings reveal how much he loved nature and the land on which the Philippines is situated. He never gave up on fighting for the freedom of his country. Jose Rizal’s writings are truly revolutionary. Armed with pen and paper, with no idea if anyone would read it or not, Jose Rizal wrote about what he saw and felt. He was a man who loved his country dearly and wrote about the atrocities that happened during the Spanish occupation of the Philippines, which led to his death sentence.