Key Reasons Why Successful Entrepreneurs Read Books

Successful people do many things that others don’t necessarily feel like doing. They get up early in the morning to go jogging or do yoga. They seem to have perfect time management as they progress faster than others. And they radiate charisma and easily cast a spell over other people.

Successful businesspeople read a lot

Billionaire entrepreneur Warren Buffett says he reads about six hours a day. Steve Jobs has read extensively throughout his life mostly books on technology, entrepreneurship and meditation. Bill Gates reads every night before bed. His bedtime literature includes biographies and philosophical treatises. On average, successful car wraps ny business people read 20 to 50 books a year.

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Why do successful businesspeople read books?

Although these men and women have little time, they invest a great deal of time in books and literature. Boredom is not the reason for the desire and fun of reading.

Those who read a lot live longer

According to a study by Yale University, experts have found that reading prolongs life. 3,600 participants were followed for over 12 years and divided into readers, frequent readers and non-readers. The researchers found that the life expectancy of those who read up to 3.5 hours a week was 17 percent higher than that of non-readers.

Reading reduces stress

Reading not only stimulates the imagination and trains the imagination, but it also helps you relax. Relaxation, in turn, lowers breathing and thus the pulse, blood pressure drops and the muscles relax. The oxygen in the blood circulates better. The body thus recharges its own batteries. This is why your head becomes clearer and you can make better decisions and work in a focused manner.

Knowledge is power

You learn how the world works by reading biographies, non-fiction books, guidebooks and specialist magazines. Reading becomes a valuable investment in your general education and skills. Your understanding of the world affects your decisions about your own life and business. If you can base your arguments on what you have read in conversations, you increase your effectiveness and become a welcome conversation partner.

Reading motivates you to perform at your best

Many successful people share their own experiences and expertise in books. If you are looking for new ideas, creative approaches or concrete solutions to problems, books are the ideal first tool for a transformation. Reading expert knowledge cannot only show you how to solve your problems but also how to motivate yourself to perform at your best.