Things You Get to Discover Reading French Literature with a Smartphone

Being able to read literature in its original language and by way of a smartphone is never a futile exercise for those looking to hone their foreign language skills. Today in France, many are trying to get back into the habit of reading French literature after they discovered that quite a number of popular literary works were originally written by famous French novelists. During the pandemic, it was cool that such reading materials were accessible and readable using an iOS or Android phone.

While some bought Kindles or iPads to give a digital book the look and feel of a real book, it really didn’t matter. At the end of the day, readers eventually came to the realization that most of the time, they have been using their iphone to read novels, short stories and essays.

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Greatest French Literary Works of All Times

Although Les Miserable is touted as the greatest French novel ever launched in the crux of modern literary movements, there are other novels and short stories inspired and written by famous French authors. Thanks to the Internet and the accessibility of these literary works in both French and English, smartphones enabled interested readers to discover multitudes of novels and stories they didn’t know were of French origin.

Beauty and the Beast While many think this novel is a Disney story, have awareness that it’s based true story devoid of magic and romance. The Disney version was actually inspired by the Beauty and Beast novel written ny French writer Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve. Yet only a few knew she was inspired with the real events that transpired during the 17th century era.

The Beast was actually a real man born with a genetic defect called hypertrichosis. It’s a condition characterized by the growth of abnormal amount of hair throughout the body, giving the afflicted person a beast-like appearance. While initially kept in a cage, and fed only with uncooked meat, he was gifted to King Henry II by officials of the Canary Islands. Fortunately, King Henry II did not see the captive as a beast but a cross between beast and human who can be taught to walk, speak and learn to act human ways.

The Beast was also given a female mate, the daughter of a  palace servant, as part of an experiment that would show if his offsprings will be as hairy as he was. Apparently all things worked out well for both of them.

The Tales of Mother Goose is a treasure trove of many French literary works written and compiled by Charles Perrault between 1696 and 1703. Recognized as one of the leading French intellectuals during the era, he later spearheaded the movement known as Age of Enlightenment in Europe. The latter had tried weaning French writers and readers alike from sticking only to stories about whimsical fantasies and romantic kingdoms.

In The Tales of Mother Goose, some of the stories are traditional folk tales, but Perrault gave it official branding as French literary works. Some examples of the famous stories found in the collection include Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Puss in Boots, Tom Thumb and Blue Beard.