10 Best Books to Read on Your Camping Trip

Reading a book on a camping trip


Finally out of the home office and into the adventure. This is especially fun – not only during a pandemic – on a road trip in an RV (make sure to bring your RV cover!). We introduce you to the most beautiful camping travel guides for your adventure in Germany and Europe.

Vanlife ideas for your adventure holiday

Campervans are back in vogue. From the self-converted and colorfully painted VW Bulli with an H license plate to the fully equipped Mini-Home on four wheels, you can now see everything on the road. But even if you are not the proud owner of such a vehicle, you do not have to do without the camping adventure. In the classifieds, you can rent roof tents from private parties on a weekly basis, and more and more portals rent vans, motorhomes, and tents with ideal equipment. Now, all it takes is one goal and the adventure can begin.

Just get out – The most beautiful places for campervan and tent

It doesn’t have to be a trip around the world. A weekend out of the home office and into nature can work wonders. Special places are sometimes even located near your own front door. In these travel guides, beautiful travel guides are presented for small breaks.

“Weekend and RV. Small breaks in Upper Bavaria” by Wilfried and Lisa Bahnmüller (Bruckmann)

“Weekend and motorhome” is the perfect pocket travel guide if you are tormented by longing. The authors of this series present the most beautiful short trips in different regions. Includes great tips on pitches and campsites close to the most beautiful landscapes. In Upper Bavaria, you will experience a contrasting landscape between mighty mountains and turquoise blue lakes, which is always worth a visit.

“Yes we camp! Germany” by Eva Stadler and Wilhelm Klemm (HOLIDAY)

»Yes we camp!« is very close to nature. Eva Stadler and Wilhelm Klemm present 40 destinations in Germany for which a camping tour is particularly worthwhile – be it by motorhome, caravan or tent. Cherry pit spitting on the Baltic Sea. Half-timbered houses count in Franconian Switzerland, and Caribbean sunset flair in Bavaria, here you will find beautiful inspirations to let your soul dangle. Camping newcomers are prepared for their first adventure with packing and checklists.

“Camping happiness” by Björn Staschen (VERLAG)

Hygge magazine described “camping happiness” as the bible for all outdoor fans. In fact, in this camping guide, you will find 80 extraordinary places in Germany. Here, the place of longing follows the place of longing and the many photos only make you want to get into the van immediately and drive off when leafing through. In addition to helpful information about the individual pitches and the respective journey, you will also find great suggestions for leisure activities here. How about, for example, a small climbing trip or a detour to the railway hotel? Whether adults-only or family paradise, everyone will find what they are looking for here.

Road trips through Europe

Depending on the season or weather conditions, you might prefer to travel a little further south (or north)? This makes the list of possibilities endless. The suggestions in these travel guides offer you a wonderful first orientation. (Please inform yourself about the current entry and health regulations regarding the corona pandemic before your trip. These guides do not provide any information on this.)


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“Cool Camping Europe” by Jonathan Knight (Haffmans & Tolkemitt)

Would you like to go a little further away? No problem! “Cool Camping” presents 80 sensational places all over Europe. Enjoy life with honey and calamares on the Greek peninsula of Sithonia, discover olive groves off the beaten track in Umbria in Italy or set up camp at an altitude of 2000 meters in the Valais Alps.

„On the Road – Mit dem Campervan durch Europa“ von AUTOR (Buckmann Verlag)

An unforgettable journey through Europe! This travel guide is also a travelogue in which the authors Steffi and Lui tell of impressive experiences, breathtaking destinations, great places to stay and the most diverse impressions of their journey through all European countries. Varied landscapes, bustling cities, and unforgettable encounters, paired with helpful tips and easy routes to follow – this results in an inspiring and practical book for all European explorers and those who want to become one!

“Take the Slow Road – Scotland” by Martin Dorey (Delius Klasing)

Scotland is always worth a road trip. And traveling with the motorhome across the land of kilts and bagpipes is really something very special. Cozy on the beach or in the middle of impressive mountain panoramas, past old mansions, and long-haired highland cattle. Martin Dorey, himself the proud owner of a T5 California Beach, has put together exciting routes through his home country, including insider tips!

“Baltic states with a motorhome” by Rainer D. Kröll (Bruckmann Verlag)

It doesn’t always have to be Sweden. The northeast also has wonderful untouched nature to offer, wide dune landscapes, numerous lakes, historic towns and castles. This guide takes you on six routes through Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia and gives varied suggestions for the day.

Inspirations on the go

Before the trip or during the trip … these books make you want to travel, immerse yourself and discover.

“Just switch off!” by Britta Mentzel (Bruckmann Verlag)

Simply switch off the mobile phone to reduce stress and to focus on the essentials again, to find peace in yourself. This works most easily in nature. This book offers wonderful destinations for the digital detox, which can also be a bit more comfortable than the tent or your own van. From glamping (glamour camping) to the treehouse hotel or the stay in a silent monastery, there are many tips on how you could make your break even more varied.

“To nowhere, please!” by Franziska Bär and Franziska Consolati (Conbook Verlag)

Pure freedom! Franziska and Felix, who walk together through the most sparsely populated country on earth: Mongolia, report on this. The two let themselves be exposed in the middle of nowhere and set off. In the backpack is a tent, astronaut food and a few ancient Russian military maps. On their way to a remote mountain lake, they fight their way through raging glacial rivers, often meet no human soul for days and suddenly have a visit in their own tent. An inspiring travelogue that gives you goosebumps when you read it.

“Germany Safari” by Ralf Stork (Haffmans & Tolkemitt)

Safari in your own country?! This is what Ralf Stork offers with his “Germany Safari”. Although you rarely meet lions, elephants, or zebras here, you can actually observe wild horses, bison, seals, marmots, and even free-living flamingos in the wild. Many of the animals can be discovered and observed comfortably and with the whole family. This is a slightly different travel guide for families and animal lovers.